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Are you looking to launch a small business, or grow your business to the next level? Contact the Small Business Enterprise Centre and get moving in the right direction!

Summer Company

Summer Company is a program designed to help enterprising youth start and run their own summer businesses. Find out more about the program and how you can start the application process!

Starter Company Plus

Starter Company Plus is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs 18 years of age or older who want to start or expand a business in their community. We’re now accepting applications! 

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The Small Business Enterprise Centre

The South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre gives entrepreneurs the assistance they need to start and grow their businesses, and to meet their entrepreneurial aspirations. The Centre is one of 57 offices located across Ontario that provides support to new and existing businesses with start-up, development, retention and operation.



Free consultations with a qualified business consultant

Business permits, licences, registration, regulations and other forms and documents required to start and build a business


Review of business plans


Up-to-date, leading-edge information geared to the needs of the entrepreneur

Access to current resource materials including books, directories and trade indexes

Informative workshops and seminars specifically designed to meet the needs of small business

Copyrights, patents and trademark information

Support for student entrepreneurs through the Summer Company program

Digital Marketing Series: Four Digital Marketing Pillars

Have you heard of the Four Digital Marketing Pillars before? Take these four sessions to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop your digital presence. Whether you are a start-up company or one that has been operating for years, you likely know the...

Summer Company Sunday Series: Josh Burella

This week's Summer Company young entrepreneur is well known throughout the local community. Josh Burella of Primitive Patterns shares what inspired him to start a wellness company and what it means to be a part of the Summer Company program.   Josh started a lifestyle...

Summer Company Sunday Series: Olivia Wilding-Davies

This week's Summer Company Sunday Series features a youth entrepreneur, who shares her story of what inspires her and how her business came to be. Olivia Wilding-Davies is the founder of Next Level Promotions, a company that provides services in planning and executing...

Metro & The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Team Up!

Metro teams up with The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to offer this year's food competition participants increased exposure, opportunities and incentives with their Locally Sourced program. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair announced a new incentive for food...

Summer Company Sunday Series: John Cardillo Jr.

This week's Summer Company Sunday Series features a youth entrepreneur, who shares the story of what inspired him and how his company came to be. John Cardillo Jr. is the founder of 43 Figure Films. A youth production company based in Collingwood working on their...

Summer Company Sunday Series: Alexis Sullivan

The Summer Company Sunday Series is back, for the second week. This Sunday's entrepreneur has shared their story of what inspires them and how their business came to be. Alexis Sullivan is the founder of Escarpment Marketing and has started her company, nestled in the...

Presentation Oxygen Training

Breathe persuasion into your presentations with Presentation Oxygen Training. Do you want to elevate your persuasive presentation skills to bolster your career, influence funding, garner sponsorships, lead projects, or win new business? [button...

Summer Company Sunday Series: Mckay Barr

The Summer Company Sunday Series will be here every week and feature a new entrepreneur from this summer's team, sharing their story of what inspires them and how it all came to be. First up is Mckay Barr! Mckay Barr is the founder of Barrk Bowls, a new and innovative...

Welcome the 2019 Summer Company Entrepreneurs

The Summer Company program is a government funded program administered by the South Georgian Bay Small Enterprise Centre. Available to students aged 15 to 29, the program offers a hands-on learning experience with the resources, mentorship and funding of up to $3,000...