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Starting or Growing a Business?

Are you looking to launch a small business, or grow your business to the next level? Contact the Small Business Enterprise Centre and get moving in the right direction!

Summer Company

Summer Company is a program designed to help enterprising youth start and run their own summer businesses. Find out more about the program and how you can start the application process!

Starter Company Plus

Starter Company Plus is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs 18 years of age or older who want to start or expand a business in their community. We’re now accepting applications! 

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The Small Business Enterprise Centre

The South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre gives entrepreneurs the assistance they need to start and grow their businesses, and to meet their entrepreneurial aspirations. The Centre is one of 57 offices located across Ontario that provides support to new and existing businesses with start-up, development, retention and operation.



Free consultations with a qualified business consultant

Business permits, licences, registration, regulations and other forms and documents required to start and build a business


Review of business plans


Up-to-date, leading-edge information geared to the needs of the entrepreneur

Access to current resource materials including books, directories and trade indexes

Informative workshops and seminars specifically designed to meet the needs of small business

Copyrights, patents and trademark information

Support for student entrepreneurs through the Summer Company program

Access to webinar on Creating Video for Social Media

Access to webinar on Creating Video for Social Media

In this workshop we covered the basics of setting up, shooting, and editing videos using equipment you already have, your phone. Learn the dos and don'ts plus the benefits of live video, premieres, and horizontal vs. vertical. Before you hit the record button, there...

Boost Your Business with Web Copy That Works

Boost Your Business with Web Copy That Works

Join online communications expert, Sandra Kahale, in a short, practical lesson that’s packed with insights, ideas, and inspirations to will help you get better results from your web site.    Learn what it takes to really get through to your online visitorsWalk through...

Access to webinar on Facebook & Instagram for Business

Access to webinar on Facebook & Instagram for Business

In this workshop we looked at two of the most popular social media platforms and provide key strategies for marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram. Starting from identifying your audience profiles, setting up and maximizing your page, to developing content...

Access to webinar on Local SEO & Google My Business

Access to webinar on Local SEO & Google My Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not need to be an overwhelming topic. There are so many little things that you can do today, for free, to improve your google search ranking. In this workshop we will focus on those small action items that will get you the biggest...

Local Start Up to creatively recognize heroism

Local Start Up to creatively recognize heroism

Artebula’s #rainbowsforheroes initiative recognizes warriors on the frontlines Submit your children’s artwork to lift the spirits of essential service workers COLLINGWOOD, April 6, 2020 – With the incredible contributions we’ve seen from frontline workers through...

Access to webinar on Social Media for Small Business

There’s no denying that social media has had a dramatic impact on the way we experience the world around us. We, as business owners, cannot afford to ignore the significant marketing opportunity it has presented. Learn the basics of how important social media is, what...