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Summer Company Press Release – July 11, 2023

The South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre is pleased to welcome a new cohort of students ready to launch their businesses and dip into the world of entrepreneurship.

The six budding entrepreneurs are participants of Summer Company, Ontario’s flagship youth entrepreneurship program for students ages 15-29. The program offers hands-on business training, mentorship, and funding up to $3000. The South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre is proud to introduce the six participants of the 2023 Summer Company program:

A group of participants posing in front of a large letters.



Gemma Koo – Kool Crochet

Kool Crochet creates unique and meticulously crafted crochet pieces that celebrate individuality, slow fashion, and style. Each handmade creation is a testament to Gemma’s artistry and her deep appreciation for the art of crochet. Shop everything from tops to totes.

Stand the test of time and adorn yourself in all things Kool Crochet.

Email: gemskoolcrochet@gmail.com

Lauren Sziklai – LELA

LELA is a loungewear company fuelled by the desire to help children feel empowered through sports and physical activity. LELA donates 10% of their profits to Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart organization, giving kids a chance to embrace their passion, connect with a community, and gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed in life. Check out their summer collection now!

Website: https://lelalela.ca/
Instagram: @lelalela.ca
Email: lelaloungewear@gmail.com
Phone: 226-668-1530

Ben Furse – Georgian Bay AI Consulting

Georgian Bay AI Consulting is an AI consulting service, dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses by demystifying AI and introducing them to its transformative potential. Offerings include AI-driven content creation, data analysis, and AI training sessions. The goal is to provide affordable and applicable AI solutions while educating clients on how to leverage these tools for sustained growth and efficiency.

Reach out if you’d like to learn more about this new technology.

Website: https://www.georgianbayai.com/
Email: bfurse@usc.edu
Phone: 647-183-4003

Abby Joost – Fidget Marble Maze Factory

Fidget Marble Maze creates handmade soft fabric fidget toys to help calm nerves, relieve stress and ease overstimulating environments. Each toy is comprised of two pieces of fabric sewn together with a marble encased inside. The end-product is a functional and fun sensory toy that the user can navigate through by touch.

Learn more about Fidget Marble Maze through Instagram or contact Abby directly.

Instagram: @fidgetmarblemazefactory
Email: abbyjoostyt@gmail.com
Phone: 705-446-6600

Tate Skinner – Freshwater Detailing

Freshwater Detailing is committed to providing the best possible care for your vehicle. They understand that your car is more than just a means of transportation – it’s an investment. Using high quality products and techniques, they offer interior and exterior washes in addition to engine cleaning. Allow Freshwater Detailing the opportunity to make your vehicle fresh again.

For more information, contact Tate at detailingfreshwater@gmail.com.

Riley Wilson – The Swim Station

The Swim Station offers private swim lessons at their designated location in The Blue Mountains. Each lesson is catered towards individual experience and meant to instil confidence and comfort in both the swimmer and respective parent.

They are fully booked for the 2023 season but inquire now to get on the list for next season.

Instagram: @swimstation101
Email: theswimstation101@gmail.com


The South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre invites the community to welcome the new business owners, and to learn more about each participant and the products and services that they will be offering. Follow along on the SBEC social channels for business updates, and success stories.

Instagram: @sgb_sbec
Facebook: @SGBSmallBusinessEnterpriseCentre

More questions?

Stef Richardson, Program Advisor at the Small Business Enterprise Centre
105 Hurontario St, Collingwood
Email: sbec@collingwood.ca
Phone: 705-351-3309

Learn more about Summer Company here.