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A New Sense of Calm with Fidget Marble Maze Factory – Summer Company Spotlight

Meet Abby Joost, owner of Fidget Marble Maze Factory and current Summer Company program participant. Fidget Marble Maze Factory creates handmade soft fabric fidget toys to help calm nerves, relieve stress and ease overstimulating environments. Each toy is comprised of two pieces of fabric sewn together with a marble encased inside. The end-product is a functional and fun sensory toy that the user can navigate through by touch.

Abby’s creations come in various patterns and fabrics and are washable in the event the toy gets wet or stained.

Learn more about Abby and Fidget Marble Maze Factory through the Q+A below.

What is your favourite part about being an entrepreneur?  I love being able to work for myself and with my own timelines! It’s a great way to feel responsible for something you love. I also really enjoy creating and connecting with the community. And finally, it’s so rewarding when I hear that people are enjoying the products that I make.

Abby going through different fabrics

What inspired you to start your business? Fidget toys became so popular in recent years. I used to work at a toy store and would witness the popularity first hand. Being creative is something that brings me joy so I figured I would try to make a product that would offer similar benefits to the fidget toys but that was also classroom friendly and quiet.

What services or products do you offer? Right now I focus on the marble mazes. Currently, I have 4 patterns and many different fabrics which makes the selection process difficult but also very personal.

How many marble mazes have you made and sold so far? I have sold approximately 175 mazes and have sewn and crafted 300.

Where can people shop your fidget marble maze products? You can find my products on Instagram @fidgetmarblemazefactory or in store at The Makers Outpost downtown Collingwood and in Jack and Maddy’s in the Blue Mountain Village.

Who is your biggest cheerleader (and why)? My biggest Cheerleader is definitely my Mom! She taught me how to sew and helped me come up with my business model. She is the first person I go to when I need help or need to run something by someone. In short, I’m very grateful for her.

Why South Georgian Bay? What do you love about living and running a business here?  I love South Georgian Bay because of the small town feel with big town love! I grew up here and feel such a connection to the community. As with most entrepreneurs, I was worried that my business wouldn’t take off. Shortly after launching I had two local stores show interest in my product and agreed to sell them in their stores. We live in such a great little community and the support is endless.

What’s one work-related skill that you’d like to develop, especially if you could do it easily? I’d love to be able to make quicker decisions. Choosing fabrics is always a long process and I have a hard time making final selections.

What are your favourite local spots to visit on a day off? I love to swim and cool off on a hot day. You may find me at Sunset Point taking in the waves or jumping off the pier with my friends. When the day has concluded, I love a pitstop to Mr. Norms Nephew for a sweet treat. If you haven’t been there, you must go.

What is your favorite job you’ve ever had and why? My favourite job must be working at my university in the athletics department! I am currently studying Kinesiology at the University of Windsor and it’s been beneficial to hang around like-minded individuals. Helped me to connect to university life and the overall campus vibe. It definitely added to my school spirit! GO LANCERS!

If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be and why? Hands down, Lucky Charms! Being equipped with many skills and this adventure for life, I feel like all the little colorful charms represent my life in a way.  I also feel very LUCKY to be participating in the Summer Company! It truly is full circle for me.


Connect with Abby:

Instagram @FidgetMarbleMazeFactory
Email: AbbyJoostYT@gmail.com