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Workshop Outline– Wednesday June 10th, 2020

The provincial governments in Canada are slowly beginning to reopen the doors to the economy. Even in these early stages, many employers are starting to make plans for reopening their own doors and considering how to do so safely. Irrespective of government announcements, employers will need to make their own determinations as to whether and when they will reopen their physical workplaces, keeping in mind their duties to their employees and stakeholders.

Having a plan in place for reopening will be necessary to ensure a smooth transition back to work is a smart and necessary step to consider during this time.

In this Webinar we talked about Human Resources Related considerations in light of plans to re-open, gather questions and find solutions to this unprecedented time.

Access the webinar here:

Please click here for the slide deck (includes FAQ’s and answers)

About the Presenter:

Maha Zaki has been an HR and Business Consultant for over 20 years. She is the Founder of ConsulCoach.ca, an HR Consulting and Project Management company that works with business owners and operators in Simcoe county enabling them to capitalize on their human resources to drive and thrive the business.

She currently also teaches Human Resources Management at the Georgian College.

She is a strong believer that Human Capital is the single most important asset to a company of any size, but also realizes that humans are different and that no one size fits all when it comes to engaging Human Resources, except if compliance.

She takes a practical approach to consulting and attributes her listening skills to her hard of hearing, when you lose one sense you harness another more strongly.

When not working on a People related project, she is busy with her 6-year-old, Reading and building her jewelry business and occasionally cooking up a storm for friends.