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Yes, they’re talking about you online.

I’ll bet most of us can’t remember the last time we bought a product or booked a service and didn’t check the business ratings or customer reviews online. Post-COVID, more than ever, your prospects will use the internet to decide if they’re going to buy from you. Is your rated 4 or 5 stars on Google My Business? You’ll likely get more customers. Have negative reviews about your business? Handling them professionally will also likely get you more customers. This workshop looked at how to get more reviews, cultivate and manage your reputation online, deal with negative criticism (nobody’s perfect!), and understand the tools that are available for monitoring your reputation online.

Managing your reputation online is no longer a nice-to-have marketing tactic. It’s a must-have skill your business needs to thrive in today’s digital business environment.

This workshop was facilitated by Kai Hulshof of Canopy media – https://canopymedia.ca/ on May 27, 2020

Kai sees the big picture. He brings the intangibles to the table with every ingredient we need to take your project from good to great. He once considered framing and mounting his degrees and diploma early in his communications career, but instead used the hammer and nail to build a tree-house.

Watch the webinar below:

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