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Collingwood will soon have an Endurance Sports Shop that is specialized uniquely in Running, Swimming and Cycling.


With many years of extensive professional racing and coaching experience, VO2 Sports Co’s founders Sean and Mark Bechtel will be bringing Collingwood a fresh new look on endurance sports.


The brothers will provide the missing pieces for a balanced active lifestyle, no matter the fitness level you may be at.

Whether you’d like to begin your cycling career, learn to become an endurance swimmer, or are training for your next triathlon, they are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals!


The brothers will have a strong customer first approach. 

“We want to make sure that each product sold at our store is a perfect fit for that customer,” Co-Founder Mark Bechtel tells us, “For example, we have a sensor machine that measures your foot’s pressure points and from the results on the sensor, we can then recommend a specific running shoe that will be the most suitable fit.”

They also will have a custom bike station where customers can look at a big screen and customize the colours and fit of the bike before they make their purchase.


Where Are They Located?

VO2 Sports Co is located at 524 First St in a beautifully renovated old red brick house beside Ashanti Coffee in Collingwood.

Follow them on Instagram | Facebook @vo2sportsco for more updates and visit their website at www.vo2sportsco.com.