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Hiring Staff

Human Resources and staffing can be challenging for a growing business. Growth often requires formalizing HR Policies and Procedures, documenting job descriptions and options for career progression, implementing an HR plan and ensuring compliance with regulations. If your payroll will exceed $400,000 you will also need to pay Employer Health Tax.

Growth can impact the number of positions available in your company, the type of positions and the organizational structure. In addition, payroll systems may be more efficient and effective as you increase your staffing, particularly if you were performing this function on your own in the past. Provided below are some tips and techniques for helping you hire employees as your grow your business.

  1. Conduct a needs analysis: What type of employees will you need to hire to accommodate your business growth? Can internal staff fill these roles or will you have to recruit outside the company?
  2. Formalize performance expectations: Create clear job descriptions for your staff that focuses on results and clarifies expectations. Provide opportunities for mentoring, coaching and advancement and communicate these opportunities to staff
  3. Implement training and development programs: These programs can be job and company specific, but can also include training focused on meeting regulatory requirements such as health and safety, customer service standards, etc.
  4. Document policies and procedures: Communicate these policies to staff and include in orientation information provided to new employees
  5. Ensure compliance with legislation: Review legislation, including the Employment Standards Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and WSIB requirements to ensure that you are in compliance.
  6. Ensure adequate compensation: Compensation includes wages, benefits, vacation/holiday pay and performance-based rewards. Wages help you recruit, but performance-based compensation can be a great way to incent and reward your employees for exceeding expectations.


Putting the right people in the right jobs is extremely important to sustain growth. It is also important to take care of your staff on an ongoing basis. Employees help your company be successful and are often the first contact point of contact for current and future customers. Create an environment where people are willing to work, support your growth goals, and provide a positive customer service environment.