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Access to Professionals

Program Description

The Access to Professionals Program  connects entrepreneurs to local professionals for a free initial consultation.  The entrepreneur receives advice and guidance from a professional in the community and that professional provides support to local small businesses. Professionals in the group include lawyers, accountants, marketing professionals, human resources consultants, insurance providers, import/export professionals, website developers, e-business experts and business coaches.

How the program works:

Entreprenures  visit the Small Business Enterprise centre for an initial consultation with one of our Business Consultants who conducts a needs assessment and completes an application for referral services. Once an application has been completed, the Centre will contact one of the professionals participating in the program.  We will  advise the Professional that a referral has been made and provide a copy of the referral application.  The client will contact the professional directly to arrange for a consultation at a date, time and location that will be mutually convenient.

Time Commitment:

Business Professionals volunteer their time on an as-needed basis. Clients that are referred receive one free 45-minute consultation per professional. If there are multiple professionals in one category (for example, lawyers), referrals are made on a rotating basis within the category of expertise.

The program enables entrepreneurs to receive free advice and guidance from experts in the community, as well as enabling Professionals to provide support for emerging and growing small businesses in the area.

Other Opportunities for our Professionals Include:

Mentor for Summer Company Program

Seminar Presenter

Writing Business Tips for our Newsletter or Website