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Starter Company Spotlight: Caralyn Hale

Meet Caralyn, Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and founder of Skin Theory. Caralyn helps women achieve skin confidence by clearing acne with a root-cause approach and empowering them to thrive in their life. This begins with 1:1 coaching, personalized programming, bi-weekly calls and step by step support.

Caralyn brings her own experience with acne to the forefront of her client relationships and knows first-hand how it can impact everyday life. As a holistic skin coach, Caralyn empowers clients to listen to their bodies and make tweaks to their lifestyle, mindset, nutrition and skincare routine.

To learn more about Caralyn and her offerings, check out the Q+A below.

What is your favourite part about being an entrepreneur?

The constant journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have struggled with acne my whole life, and with that I have tried everything conventional medicine offered including antibiotics, the pill, Accutane, harsh skincare products, all without success. I finally cleared my skin with a holistic approach and want to help others do the same. Acne is frustrating and isolating and I hope to be that guiding support to empower people to clear their acne for good so they can thrive in their daily lives. 

What services or products do you offer?

Skin Theory offers both self-paced and personalized coaching options to clear acne.


  • Acne Foundations Mini Course – 5 Days to Clearer Skin. The perfect course to get started clearing acne.
    • Acne Reset: The Ultimate Acne Program. Clear acne and understand the root cause for lasting results, with this 10-week program. Intentionally designed to clear acne holistically with nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, and skincare rituals for hormonal acne, post-pill acne, PCOS-related acne, fungal-acne, stress and PMS breakouts.
    • 1:1 Coaching with Caralyn, RHNP & Acne Expert. A Personalized program to clear acne, reclaim confidence, and empower you to thrive. Step-by-step support with bi-weekly calls to track progress and reach your skin goals. For complex, chronic acne, hormonal acne, PCOS-related acne, post-pill acne, stress and PMS breakouts.

What are your favourite skincare products?

I love using and recommending products that are focused on hydration and supporting the skin barrier. Think gentle gel cleansers, hyaluronic acid serums, oil-free moisturizers and of course SPF. Wearing sunscreen every day rain or shine is the foundation to a great skincare routine. With skincare, less is more. It’s about finding a supportive and effective routine that reduces sebum, bacteria, and clogged pores whilst supporting the skin barrier.

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Who is your biggest cheerleader (and why)?

My twin sister, Emily. She has always encouraged me from day one and is my everyday sounding board. Do you ever call your sibling or close friend and just leave them on the phone in silence while going about your work day? We do it all of the time.

She has also struggled with acne, so she understands the importance of the support I provide and why I am so passionate about helping people achieve skin confidence. Most recently she sent me flowers when I reached a new milestone, which was a total surprise and a great reminder to celebrate the small wins.

Why South Georgian Bay? What do you love about living and running a business here?

South Georgian Bay is such a supportive community. I love the opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs and feel connected to other businesses in the area.

What are your favourite local spots to visit on a day off?

  • Press Market for the most delicious smoothies – I love the hippie hippie shack
  • Press Juice for the most refreshing juices – I love the charcoal lemonade
  • Bread + Butter Cafe – for the best golden milk lattes
  • Everlove –  for yoga and ice baths

What’s your favourite service that you offer?

1:1 acne coaching is my favourite service. This offering boats the the best results and the opportunity to clear acne for good, balance hormones, and create harmony within the body. I love the energetic exchange of this program as people get individualized support. This is a key component in clearing acne. Trusting in the process is just as important as nourishing foods and targeted skincare, as there will be ebbs and flows. Healing is not linear so the 1:1 coaching is the perfect way to support people through the ups and downs and truly leave the acne story behind. 

What was one new experience you tried that was completely unknown or uncomfortable to you at the time you tried it?

I tried oysters for the first time this year and now I’m obsessed. Growing up I was a very picky eater but after getting into holistic nutrition my palate has expanded and I now enjoy much more diverse foods. If you would have told 16-year old me that I would enjoy Oysters one day, I’d say you are crazy. Oysters are an amazing skin superfood, containing lots of the skin-clearing nutrient zinc. Clearing acne holistically has been my greatest teacher and motivator.  PS. The oysters at Hearts in Kimberly are amazing!

What is your favorite book and why?

Recently I read Reflections of the Moon on Water: Healing Women’s Bodies and Minds through Traditional Chinese Wisdom by Xiaolan Zhao which was so beautifully written. Such a perfect introduction to the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and how grounding and healing it can be, especially for acne, hormones, and mindset.

A beautiful ritual that Xiaolan shares in this book is called the ‘golden month’ which refers to the month immediately after giving birth. This month is an important time for women to rest and heal, not only from the trauma of birth but from past ailments in their life. It’s a golden time to heal themselves for future health and vitality. There are many practices in Chinese Medicine that I find such valuable reminders that sometimes the best way to heal it is to simply slow down and turn inward – something I certainly take with me in my work whilst supporting women to clear acne.

If you are interested in Chinese medicine, this is such a great introductory book that I recommend you check out.

IG: @caralyn_skintheory