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Incorporating a Business

You can incorporate a business either federally or provincially. If you choose federal incorporation, you can operate across the country, subject to extra-provincial filing requirements. If you choose to incorporate provincially, you can operate within the province and must register extra-provincially if operating in other provinces.

Prior to incorporating your business, you need to conduct a NUANS name search. NUANS compares your proposed corporate name or trade-mark with those that already exist. It is used when granting new corporate names, with the intent of avoiding confusion in the Canadian marketplace. You can order a NUANS report yourself for a cost of $20.00 +HST or engage the assistance of a NUANs Member. For a free pre-screen name search before you go to NUANS, try www.arvic.com.

Both Federal and Provincial incorporation can be completed online, in person or via mail. The Small Business Enterprise Centre can provide assistance with incorporation, but you cannot incorporate a business at our office.

Provincial Incorporation Federal Incorporation
Online www.eservicecorp.ca
Cost is $300 plus fee from service providers ($40 to $130)
Corporations Canada
Cost is $200
Note:  there may be extra fees for registering the corporation in the province(s) you wish to operate
In Person Complete required documentation for incorporation and file articles personally at the Toronto Office of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.
Toronto – Companies and Personal Property Security Branch (Public Office)
375 University Avenue, 2nd Floor
Tel: (416) 314-8880 Toll Free: 1-(800) 361-3223
Downtown Toronto Service Ontario Centre 777 Bay St Market Level, Suite M 212 1-(800) 268 -8758The Barrie Land Registry Offices also provide assistance with in person incorporation.
Barrie Land Registry Office Court House 114 Worsley Street Tel: (705) 725-7232
Cost is $360
Maximum of 4 requests of
Incorporation From Monday to Friday, between
8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., at
Corporations Canada
Jean Edmonds Building
South Tower, 9th Floor
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C8Cost is $250
By mail Submit articles of incorporation by mail to Companies and Personal Security Branch, 393 University Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, ON, M5G 2M2

  • Articles of Incorporation – Form 1
  • Ontario-Based NUANS (name search)
  • Cover letter including contact name, address and telephone number
  • Other supporting documents, if required, such as a legal opinion

Cost is $360

To register by mail: corporationscanada@ic.gc.ca
Attach to your email a completed request.To register by fax:  613-941-4803
You must keep the original signed forms with your corporate records.To register by mail:
Corporations Canada
Jean Edmonds Building
South Tower, 9th Floor
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C8
Cost for incorporating by e-mail, fax or mail is $250


You can choose to complete the incorporation process yourself online or in person. However, it is highly recommended you engage the services of a lawyer to assist with the process and with the name search. If you use the services of a lawyer, the costs of incorporating your business will range from $1000 to $2000 depending on the complexity of your business.


Guide to Federal Incorporation from Industry Canada

Incorporation Information from the Province of Ontario