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This checklist is intended as a quick reference list for basic start-ups, to help you in the initial stages of launching your business. Additional steps and activities may be required depending on the type and location of your business.

Contact the Small Business Enterprise Centre for more details and to book a consultation with one of our consultants.


  • Choose form of ownership/business structure
  • Select your business name. Visit the Naming Your Business Page for additional information
  • Conduct SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
  • Define your market, identify suppliers, identify competitors
  • Calculate start-up costs
  • Develop your business plan

Provincial Requirements

  • Register Business Name (Master Business License). For additional information visit the Provincial Business Licence page
  • Obtain special Provincial licenses and permits if applicable
  • If employees need to be hired, contact the Canada Revenue Agency for a payroll account and the WSIB with 10 days of hire date if applicable
  • Obtain information on Employment Standards and Occupational Health & Safety

Municipal Requirements

  • Determine business location and check Municipal zoning
  • Obtain special Municipal licenses and permits if applicable
  • Schedule Health and Fire inspections if applicable

Other Recommended Steps

  • Contact applicable offices to arrange for utility hook-up
  • Set up business bank account, payment systems
  • Investigate purchasing and/or purchase business insurance
  • Hire advisors: accountant, bookkeeper, lawyer as needed
  • Maintain records on all receipts and expenses—update monthly
  • Register a domain name if planning on developing a website
  • Review other regulations to ensure you are in compliance (i.e. health & safety, employment, etc.)