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Summer Company Spotlight: Liam Galvin of ThinkCoding

When you hear the word coding it’s easy to think complicated and unfamiliar. We are so pleased to announce our Summer Company participant Liam Galvin who’s launched ThinkCoding, a virtual programming school to help take the guesswork and difficulty out of coding.  Liam offers a variety of classes and programs to introduce you to the world of coding be that through creating puzzles, learning foundational principles and building programs.

ThinkCoding is designed to provide the easiest and most enjoyable way to ease yourself, or your kids, into an amazingly useful STEM activity. 

Summer programs are OPEN!

Read on to learn more about Liam and his business, ThinkCoding.

What inspired you to start your business?

This idea started as a way to combine my two major passions in my life, ski instructing and programming. Living close to Blue Mountain, I gained a love for teaching children as soon as I took a job in part-time ski instruction. I realized this was a passion for me and started expanding my skill set to not just teach skiing but also math and various other subjects. I grew up always solving puzzles and being mildly interested in computers so coding became a quick hobby to pick up. This is what set me up to start teaching coding. Insert ThinkCoding.

What services do you offer?

ThinkCoding offers classes and programs on how to program computers. Each session allows for plenty of instructional time as well as coding practice.

A young man attending a Virtual Programming School, diligently sitting in front of a computer.

What kind of experience do you want your clients to have?

I hope that my clients learn a new skill after completing one of my programs and/or break this mentality that coding is out of their abilities. I look forward to seeing them thrive.

What project that you’ve completed are you most excited about?

Out of all my upcoming projects, the curriculum and lesson resources for my advanced/adult program this Fall are what I’m most excited about. Let’s get coding!

What does success look like to you and when will you know when you’ve achieved it?

When I can provide an experience that is both enlightening and enjoyable to my clients so much so that they want to keep learning – that’s money right there!

What are your favourite local spots to visit on a day off?

Every summer my brother and I go around Collingwood and rank each of the playgrounds. Whenever we have a free day or find ourselves bored, we will go hangout at our ranked playgrounds. The ones over by Peel street are usually pretty high on the list.

What’s your favourite service that you offer?

Minecraft Mayhem is my fave and most kids love it too. The game has done a fantastic job at allowing anyone to code inside of the program and it ends up being such an incredible experience for everyone.

What is your favourite weekend trip?

Anywhere with water! It doesn’t matter if it comes in the form of a pool, a lake or even a waterslide. It’s been very calming for me growing up to be near to water.

What is something that you are great at cooking?

I would consider myself pretty great at cooking the perfect grilled cheese. I like to keep it classy.


Check out Liam’s website for more class/program info.