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Summer Company Spotlight: Nathan Jackson

Is your vehicle in need of a clean but you can’t leave work to make the appointment? Call Nathan of NJackson’s Detailing; a mobile detailing service that comes to YOU in the Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Stayner and Wasaga Beach regions. Whether you’re parked in a municipal lot, on a jobsite or working from home, Nathan’s truck has the necessary utilities and products to do a stellar job without needing access to your water or electricity. Talk about convenience. Your car will be cleaned, detailed and ready to take for a spin by the time you clock out for the day.

Nathan is passionate about vintage trucks and providing quality results which makes him the right guy for the job.

Learn more through our latest Q+A below. He’s still rocking some appointments until August 30 so reach out if you’re interested in booking.

What is your favourite part about being an entrepreneur?

I’ve always wanted to be a part of something that allowed me to grow on my own accord without the restrictions or preference of other business owners. Being an entrepreneur means more to me than being my own boss; it’s an opportunity to build my name in a way no one else can.

What inspired you to start your business?

I decided to go back to school at the University of Western Ontario and it really made me think about what direction I was going to take career wise, whether it be entrepreneurial or working my life away to the magic hand. While there isn’t anything wrong with either, I couldn’t help but remember a comment that Dan Lennox of Bent Taco once said to me.

 “If I could invest in a person, I would invest in you” Dan said in a jokingly, yet serious fashion.

Although 17 year old me just laughed it off at the time, I recently realized the power of that comment and it reaffirmed my decision to open my detailing business. It’s cool to see hard work pay off.

What services or products do you offer?

The most popular service is my Basic Package which includes carpet and seat shampooing and conditioning, plastic cleaning and UV protection, exterior foam wash, clay bar, paint sealant and wheel and tire cleaning. I also offer one step and two step paint corrections for clients that are more serious about the condition of their vehicles.

Nathan Jackson cleaning inside of car

If you could clean the car of one celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would detail David Green’s vehicle because he’s currently a huge inspiration to me. David Green is a real estate invester, the founder of the One Brokerage and author of many incredible books. I have a great passion for real estate and would love to have the opportunity to hear more about his journey as well as pick his brain about my own plans and goals.

What is unique about your business?

NJackson’s Detailing is completely mobile which means I can detail clients vehicles in the middle of a corn field if they wish or in the downtown core should they be working. My pricing is competitive and my work is finally at a point where the quality speaks for itself.

Why South Georgian Bay? Why do you love living and working here?

South Georgian Bay has so much to offer for everyone. South Georgian Bay has the world’s longest freshwater beach, an accessible mountain for winter activities as well as many incredible trails for mountain bikers and cross country runners. When I’m not working you can find me on my paddle board, skis or snowboard.

What’s one work-related skill that you’d like to develop, especially if you could do it easily?

My expertise really lies in customer relations and delivering a quality service. I am looking forward to building my skills in data analytics and bookkeeping as my company or companies continue to grow.

What’s your favourite product or service that you offer?

I really think my basic package is just the best combination of services and it’s something I feel like I’ve finally developed to where I want it to be. I offer the interior cleaning everyone wants as well interior and exterior protection to help customers hold the value of their vehicles and make future cleaning even easier.

Nathan Jackson with a handful of spray bottles.

What is your favourite weekend trip?

I love heading up to my girlfriends cottage just passed New Lyskard whenever we get the chance. It’s nice to take a step back and enjoy the natural amenities we are so quick to take for granted.

What’s your dream car/truck + why?

I’m not sure I can just narrow it down to one vehicle as it’s more of a dream garage containing the last of air-cooled porches, cammed v8’s and pre-emission diesels. But, if you only gave me one vehicle to drive for the rest of my life it would be a 1997 Ford F350 7.3L 4×4 6spd manual in a crew cab, long bed configuration in two tone black and gold. Being a big 90’s truck fanboy, it’s a truck I’ve always said I would own when I get the chance.


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