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This week’s Summer Company Sunday Series features a youth entrepreneur, who shares her story of what inspires her and how her business came to be.

Olivia Wilding-Davies of Summer CompanyOlivia Wilding-Davies is the founder of Next Level Promotions, a company that provides services in planning and executing in-store or on location demonstrations of various products. She started her company in Thornbury but has travelled as far as Toronto for product demonstrations. She is passionate about increasing brand awareness for local products and is exactly the kind of person you want to be the face of your brand! From the beginning of the day to the end, Olivia organizes the demonstration, promotes the product and provides a report of the results, all with a friendly persona. If you are a local business, Next Level Promotions is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and see the results of an in-store or on location product demonstration.

Summer Company - Next Level PromotionsShe tells us, “Throughout my first year in University I had started doing some demos for my Father’s business, Ashanti Coffee. I always found the demos quite rewarding. Firstly, it was a fantastic way to raise brand awareness and get the businesses name out there and secondly, it was rewarding to be able to share the story behind a local product with the customers. That is where the inspiration for Next Level Promotions came from. Next Level Promotions specializes in store demonstrations of local products. The benefits of in store demonstrations are many, the largest being increased awareness of the product to potential customers resulting in an increase in store sales. It also helps customers become more knowledgeable about the product and locate the product in the store, which benefits both the consumer and the retailer. Next Level Promotions works with local products to boost brand awareness and support the existing relationship they have with their retailers. Next Level Promotions organizes the demonstrations, sets up and executes them. Looking forward, I hope to continue running and growing my business throughout the upcoming school years!”

Get in contact at nextlpromo@gmail.com

See some of her latest demos at @nextlpromo on Instagram

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