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The Summer Company Sunday Series is back, for the second week. This Sunday’s entrepreneur has shared their story of what inspires them and how their business came to be.

Alexis Sullivan of Escarpment MarketingAlexis Sullivan is the founder of Escarpment Marketing and has started her company, nestled in the town of Thornbury. She provides small, local businesses with design solutions to better market their companies and help attract and attain clients. Educated in marketing management, she wanted to put her knowledge and skills to work. Recognizing that there was demand in the market for such services, she started a company that offers assistance with website design, graphic design, and social media management. So that business owners can focus on day to day operations while, her services can direct traffic to their front door (after having visited their website, of course).

“I have always enjoyed having time to think creatively, – to be presented with a problem and have to think about it from a different perspective to find a solution. This is why I love working with new clients, they each present their own challenge which, allows me to collaborate with them and work with a variety of mediums to find a solution. Be it meeting over a coffee to collaborate on design ideas or content writing in front of my computer, the challenges presented by my clients helps to keep everyday different from the next!

As a millennial, I am constantly on the go and always connected in some way or another. In this day and age, I understand the importance of staying connected online – especially as a business – and that this can be a time-consuming job in itself. Whether it’s as small as posting to social media or as large as needing a website, I love to sit down with new clients and talk about their vision to help them set goals and make this a reality. After all, creative direction is the foundation of the company.

The Summer Company program offered through the South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre was a great incentive and help in giving me the push I needed to start a company. I had always talked about one day, operating a company of my own but never took the leap to get it started. This was an opportunity I had to take and I am pleased that I did!”

Alexis is always more than happy to chat over a coffee or on the dock about anything to do with design. She has an eye and the knack for creating materials that grab your attention and keep people engaged.

Drop her a line at 705 351 2179 or

send her an e-mail at info@escarpmentmarketing.com to talk about how she can help you –

she is always eager to take on a challenge!

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