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Terry o'reilly jump the fence + be bold.

Terry O’Reilly – experienced marketer, esteemed public speaker and overall advertising genius. Last week we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Terry as our guest speaker at the 2020 Virtual Tourism Mini Conference. Comfy clothes were worn and coffee was poured as we sat and enjoyed a 1-hour talk on how to jump the fence and be BOLD in your business.

Well-known as the host of CBC’s ‘Under the Influence’ podcast and his reputable advertising career, Terry provided creative and valuable advice to the South Georgian Bay business community. From sharing inspiring anecdotes and punchy taglines to encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and simple messaging, there was a takeaway for all who attended.

With an ever-changing business climate and current global pandemic, small businesses everywhere are looking for fresh ideas, new ventures and sound advice to keep afloat. Strategies and avenues that worked in the past may no longer be the most effective way to reach your customers. When it comes to marketing and taking creative leaps, Terry suggests working in groups of 2-3. This allows for an environment where creativity is fostered and encouraged while leaving space to reign in on purpose and direction.

Taking risks can be a scary thing especially when it comes to your business. Veering away from the ‘ordinary’ takes guts and confidence, we know this. Terry touched on a few points that really encouraged us to look at things from a different perspective and to move forward knowing there isn’t one magic answer:

Silly ideas may just be big ideas in disguise
The solution is most often hiding in the obstacle
Some of the most successful advertisements are the simplest (Think ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’)

If you’d like a further taste of the backstage world of advertising and to hear more of Terry’s experiences and insights, check out his CBC podcast ‘Under the Influence’ here: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-70-under-the-influence

Be bold and jump the fence!

If you attended the event or you’re a fan of Terry O’Reilly and have a must-listen podcast episode, let us know in the comments!